Turkish Property Port

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TPP, with its proven experience, knowledge, and  skills has set its sights on providing excellent standards of advanced property management solutions and services. 

As a company that possesses the necessary qualities, the aim of TPP is to become elite in its field. We operate with professionalism and with a dedicated attitude and respect for the tenants needs. Best of all, we really enjoy what we do! 

With many years’ experience in managing properties, we are fully aware of the maintenance and repair problems that can present themselves and we take pride in our ability to handle all sorts of situations.

The primary aim of the company is to provide tenants with a superb service from the moment that a tenant makes an enquiry,
to renting one of our key ready properties,
to paying the rents and dealing with all the day to day issues; we are there fully supporting and assisting them.

We encourage developers to place on site a management office for ease of communication and a call centre to resolve any problems. 

We are happy to offer every property owner the opportunity of engaging our services. With our company you can be sure that we will use everything at our disposal to find good reliable tenants for your property. 

We organise the contractual side, offer key holding and visit the properties on a regular basis. We collect the rents and arrange payments to the owners and deal with any rent arrears problems. 

Repairs, maintenance, utility connections - we deal with it all! You can rest assured that we will take care of all your property needs. Important features for tenants who are looking for rental property are as follows: 

1. Price and quality ratio
2. Location and residential environment
3. Quality of life, security, and peace of mind
4. Infrastructure
5. Facilities on the site
6. Overall image of the development and the unit
7. Amenities in the area
8. Response to the problems