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Why should you take a Bosphorus Cruise Tour in Istanbul?

Have you ever wondered why the Bosphorus has always been an inspiration for people all around the world? Why have many travelers chosen the Bosphorus? The Bosphorus is a very unique strait which hosts and keeps the glorious history of ancient Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. There are many historical sites, mansions and a great opportunity for time travel on both two shores of the Bosphorus. Although it has witnessed so many wars and transformation, the Bosphorus still offers relaxation and a unique experience with its mystical calming beauty. It is also home to very cute districts and special experiences. Shortly speaking, the Bosphorus is what makes Istanbul one of the most special cities in the world.
When you look at old pictures of Istanbul, even on Google, you will find out that, the Bosphorus has always been a crucial part of the culture and daily life. Local people of Istanbul adore the Bosphorus. They prefer to have dinner at restaurants on its shores, organize weddings and events or just sail on their boats. Although Bosphorus tours may be overlooked by some travelers, just keep in mind that there are many foreigners who specifically prefer to experience it and there are even ones who already fell in love and want to live close to it and ended up investing in Istanbul. So why don’t you also give it a try and take a day trip to see the real Istanbul? 

Why should you take a Bosphorus Cruise Tour in Istanbul

There are several tour options for everyone from private yacht tours to Şehir Hatları, official ferry service provided by the municipality. There are short circuit tours for two hours and full tours for six hours. If you do not plan to customize your journey of the Bosphorus with a private tour, you can take Şehir Hatları, the Bosphorus full tour for the very reasonable price of 25 TL and visit most well-known and talked about places in Istanbul. The tour departs from historical Eminönü to the magical fishing village of Anadolu Kavağı, visiting Beşiktaş, Kanlıca, Yeniköy, Sarıyer and Rumeli Kavağı along the way. All these places are also worth exploring in detail to understand why they are currently among the most popular choices of locals and foreigners looking for Istanbul property for sale.
Eminönü is the place you need to start your tour to take a comfortable place on the boat. It is one of the ancient districts of Istanbul with many historical sites around. It has now turned into a major commercial center, where you can visit great shopping places like Spice Bazaar and Tahtakale. A recent construction of a square in Sirkeci, a central zone in Eminönü, which is famous for its boutique hotels, made this area more attractive for Turkish real estate investors. Eminönü is also the start of the historical route that includes Topkapı Palace, Sultanahmet Mosque, Süleymaniye Mosque and Sultanahmet, the main tourist attractions in the old city of Istanbul. You will have chance the see the silhouettes of these historical places while on the boat.
Beşiktaş, one of the most attractive and biggest districts of Istanbul, offers a variety of great opportunities for everyone visiting this amazing area. You may visit historical places like Dolmabahçe Palace and Ortaköy Mosque or take a walk or have lunch at Yıldız Park or go shopping in the trendy shopping malls of Etiler. You will need to take traffic into account, because this zone is also the centre for many international businesses, residences and luxury investment and has recently seen its own share of real estate investment in Istanbul. That is also why your photos from the Bosphorus will reveal a fusion of powerful history with 21. century modernity and green parks close to the Bosphorus bridge.
Kanlıca is a must-live experience once you are in Istanbul, as this pretty and peaceful district will make you travel back in time. It is one the oldest districts of Istanbul on the Anatolian shore. There are many famous historical public and private mansions against a background of green forests that will leave you breathless. It is no surprise that this is one of the popular zones for great tourist attractions as well as luxury real estate. There are already many beautiful mansions on sale, due to an increasing demand of real estate investment and luxury apartments in Istanbul
As we move to the next harbor Sarıyer and its neighbor Rumeli Kavağı, a world of green lies ahead of us. Sarıyer is a developed district while Rumelihisarı is a small fishing village. Welcome to the door opening to the Black Sea. Although the pace of life has recently started to accelerate with the construction of the third Bosphorus bridge and luxury properties, this area doesn’t lose anything from its beauty. Enjoy the seaside and forget that you are in one the most crowded cities in the world.
Anadolu Kavağı is the final village, where the boat stops for three hours. This gives you enough time to taste gorgeous fresh seafood at the nearby restaurants and have a tour of the village. This district is a well-protected fishing village with its habitants keeping their slow paced lifestyles despite the great flow of tourists to the area. You can also take a tour to the Anadolu Kavağı Castle. It is a better idea to grab a taxi instead of walking since it is not very close to the center. Whatever way you choose, it will be worth it for experiencing spectacular views of the Black Sea.
Şehir Hatları offers audio guide service, however don’t forget to purchase one before boarding the boat, since you cannot purchase one on the boat. With the audio guide, you will have the chance to hear the real history and have your own time travel adventure.