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The Best Places for Antiques Shopping in Istanbul

In a city as old and historical as Istanbul, one naturally expects to discover many relics of antiquity. However, the city’s treasures far surpass what the historical sites and museums have to display and if you know where to look (and how to bargain), you too can take a small piece of history back home with you. They may not all be thousands of years old, but nonetheless Istanbul’s antique markets and shops are full of rare, exquisite items that reflect the city’s rich cultural heritage dating back to the Ottoman period. Therefore, we have compiled a short list of must-visit places for those who want to spend an extra day or two digging around Istanbul’s antique dealers, vintage shops and flea markets.   

The Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar Istanbul Turkey

What better place to shop for antiques than a place that is much, much older than pretty much any item that is on sale? The city’s oldest and most important shopping destination is also home to a number of antique dealers. Simply due to its sheer size, be prepared to spend at least a few hours here. If you are short on time, head straight over to Sofa Art and Antiques, a famous shop on Nuruosmaniye Street, very close to the entrance of the Grand Bazaar. Since 1975, this famous shop has been offering a wide selection, from jewelry and silverware to miniatures and mosaics. While there, be sure to check out Nuruosmaniye Mosque, one of the finest examples of Ottoman Baroque style. Situated on one of the seven hills of Istanbul and part of the larger Fatih district, this area continues to draw millions of tourists every year along with a recent surge of foreigners coming to invest in real estate in Istanbul


Cukurcuma Istanbul Turkey

One of Istanbul’s favorite antique-spotting destinations, Çukurcuma is a compact area located between Cihangir and Taksim, two of the city’s most popular neighborhoods both for tourists and expats buying real estate to invest in Istanbul. Here, at least a dozen antique shops await the avid antique shopper. The area was once home to wood craftsmen, but these days it is the go-to place for those looking to find anything from Ottoman-era and early Turkish period fountains, doors, columns, earthenware jars, chandeliers, Turkish coffee sets, liqueur bottles, statues and more. Look for the shops of prominent dealers like Aslı Günşiray or Hakan Ezer and let them help you in finding whatever you may be after. 

Horhor (Aksaray)

Horhor Aksaray Istanbul Turkey

Another famous destination, Horhor Antique Bazaar in Aksaray is a unique experience especially if you’re interested in classic European antiques. Select pieces in mint condition await you here along with dealers, who will be more than happy to share with you the stories behind the artifacts. Spread out across 200 different stores on multiple levels, this place has it all, from mother-of-pearl, ivory and tortoise shell items to Ottoman-era furniture and collectibles. Be sure to check out the stores of famous dealers like Soner Doğan and Merih Uman. 

Tellalzade Street (Kadıköy)

Kadikoy Istanbul Turkey

Also known as the Antique Dealers Street of Kadıköy, here you can find more than meets the eye. French and Ottoman era artifacts from the 18th and 19th centuries, gramophones, mirrors, chandeliers, chests, clocks, paintings and photographs can all be found here, if you spend a couple of hours along the street. Recommended stores like Galeri Antik, Üsküdar Antik and Ayhan Antik are definitely worth exploring in detail.  

Mecidiyeköy Antique Market

Mecidiyekoy Antique Market Istanbul Turkey

More of a locals’ favorite within a considerable walking distance from the Mecidiyeköy subway station, this is another must-visit place. Opened in 1982, its 30 stores may seem few compared to the larger antiques markets. Yet, this market has anything from opulent pieces and smaller items of Chinese and European origins to early 20th century Art Nouveau artifacts. Recommended stores like İskender’s or Hülya Onat’s will surely cater to your needs with their wide selections that combine the multicultural heritage of the city with the aesthetic of its grand palaces.

Bomonti (Feriköy) Antiques Market 

Bomonti Antiques Market Istanbul Turkey

Open only on Sundays, this market is designed like a traditional farmer’s market with hundreds of stalls offering anything from vintage artifacts to valuable furniture, from old cameras to classic hi-fi equipment. Nestled between the modern high-rises of an area that represents the current boom in real estate in Istanbul, the place carries a stark contrast with its surroundings. Be sure to have your Sunday breakfast there as well, as you can also find organic pancake sellers serving to both visitors and the antique sellers themselves.