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Discover Istanbul Province by Province: Kadıköy

Welcome to the liveliest province of the Anatolian side of Istanbul. This historical district is one of the most developed areas of Istanbul, having it all from gorgeous Bosphorus views and an amazing 21 km shore to the best bazaars, historical Istanbul properties and endless cultural activities. It is recorded as one of the most ancient regions of Istanbul, after the discovery of the remnants of Chalcedon, a maritime town built in B.C 675. Chalcedon was established by the Greek Megarians, in the district of Moda, which is now one of the most peaceful and sophisticated zones of Kadıköy. Fikirtepe, the fast-growing zone of Kadıköy thanks to the booming real estate investment in Istanbul, is also home to ancient discoveries belonging to B.C 5000. After it fell into the hands of the Ottomans in 1353, this naval trade center slowly transformed into a residential area and a great agricultural marketplace.  The historical Haydarpaşa Station was also built here as the initial station of the Istanbul-Baghdad railway. Today, this province remains as one of the most strategic places both for business and property investment in Istanbul. The Fenerbahçe Football Stadium is also very close to the center and football championship celebrations are held on Bağdat Avenue.

Kadıköy is twenty minutes by boat from Beşiktaş. Just a ten-minute walk away from the harbor, you can find the famous Bull Statue standing at the intersection of the six roads at Bahariye. This statue was a present from Germany to Enver Pasha; one of the most influential politicians of the late Ottoman period during World War I. Bahariye has a historic tram going through the avenue and is popular for its local stores, outlets, restaurants, cafés  and cinemas. Just five minutes from the port, you will find the Kadıköy bazaar and several shops on the streets going up to Moda. Yeldeğirmeni is also one the oldest residential areas of Istanbul, being the center of attraction for everyone looking for an Istanbul flat for sale nowadays. It is also very rich in cultural activities as it is the trending zone for Istanbul’s artists.

Moda, located at the point where the Bosphorus and the Sea of Marmara intersect, is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Istanbul. The luxury apartments in front of the gorgeous shore represent the serene and humble people of Moda, who are collectively in charge of caring for the cats and dogs living in the streets. Although many historical Istanbul apartments are replaced by modern luxury flats, this neighborhood has lost nothing from its charm. The tea gardens are always full during the weekends. Kırıntı is the most favorite place of the locals for a late brunch, whereas Ali Baba is famous for his delicious ice cream. 

Acıbadem is also one of the most preferred residential areas due to its proximity to the center.  It is just ten minutes away from Kadıköy by car or minibus providing a safe and calm atmosphere for the families. There is a district bazaar every Thursday along Acıbadem Avenue, where there are also many restaurants and pretty cafés. Akasya Shopping Mall and Carefour Acıbadem are the two shopping malls to visit in the neighborhood. There are also many newly built houses for sale in the area, as this neighborhood became much busier after the Kadıköy-Kartal metro line started to operate. 

The road opposite of Bahariye Avenue leads to Söğütlüçeşme, where you can find the main metrobus station of the Anatolian side and the famous Tuesday bazaar of Kadıköy. The purchase and rental prices for Kadıköy properties are relatively low here, making this area perfect for students and those, who are looking for affordable real estate in Istanbul

Another coastal neighborhood of Kadıköy is Fenerbahçe, another great area to find luxury investment.  Kalamış, where there is a big marina, also attracts visitors during all four seasons. There are also luxury houses and restaurants in this area for those, who are willing to pay enough.

Bağdat Avenue is one of the upscale districts of Istanbul.  It is home to design shops, elegant stores of world-famous brands, and the best examples of local and international cuisine. Therefore it is not only attractive for those looking to buy Turkish property, but also for business owners who want to invest in Istanbul.

Caddebostan shore is a great place for relaxing, walking and hiking. Many families and young people prepare for a picnic and enjoy the green grass, while watching the sea. Many people stay late during the humid summer nights. The district is also home to families from the upper-middle class and the luxury flats in this zone have significant value.

Bostancı is the best place to view or take a boat to the Prince’s Islands. Günaydın Meat Restaurant & Deli, which has a well-deserved fame for high-quality meat and deli products, is located on a square close to the harbor. Bostancı Amusement Park is the main choice of families, who enjoy spending time with their children.

Kozyatağı and İçerenköy are the inland areas of Kadıköy. Many business headquarters are located in these neighborhoods. The upper-middle class and white-collar workers, who are looking for a home for sale in Istanbul prefer to settle in these districts.