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Discover Istanbul Province by Province: Sarıyer

If you want to stay close to the city and enjoy the Bosphorus and the Black Sea with the green forests behind you, Sarıyer is the place to be. It was used as a summer retreat area and hunting lodge during the Byzantine and Ottoman periods and welcomed everyone from fishermen to refugees of war and the Sultans of Istanbul. Today, it is one of the most beautiful provinces, boasting unspoiled nature, historical heritage, authentic villages, amazing mansions and a lovely coastline. Many entrepreneurs boost the rapid development of the inland areas and as the construction of the third bridge adds great value to the northern villages, real estate investment in Istanbul is shifting its direction towards here.

The Sarıyer coast starts from Rumelihisarı, the famous district with a historical importance. The fortress, which gives its name to the district, was built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet just before the conquest of Istanbul. The castle is located at the opposite side of Anadoluhisarı, which was built on the Anatolian side by Sultan Beyazid I. The tea gardens, cafés  and the restaurants in the area are always busy due to high demand especially during the weekends. It is a pleasure for locals to walk the coast from Ortaköy or Bebek to Rumelihisarı and enjoy watching the fishermen and boats by the water. This zone is also very popular for upper-middle class residents, who prefer to live in luxury homes close to the sea and reach easily to the Fatih Sultan Bridge. 

The initial retreat area for the nobles of the Ottoman Empire was Emirgan, where one of the largest parks of Istanbul stretches along the Bosphorus. Emirgan Park is definitely worth visiting especially during the international tulip festival held in April. It is one of the most popular places for locals with more than 120 species of plants and trees and amazing views of the Bosphorus. There are also Ottoman pavilions in the park. Emirgan Mosque, which was commissioned by Abdulhamit I in the memory of his son, is also located in Emirgan, close to the sea.

Neslişah Sultan Camii, Abdulhamit I Fountain and Istinye Hammam are the most prominent historical buildings in the district of Istinye, which is one of the biggest bays of the Bosphorus and the estuary of the Istinye River. Müşir Fuat Paşa Mansion is also a significant historical building in the area. As we move further away from the bay, the scenery changes into a financial center, with the headquarters of many local and multinational companies. The recent investments made the inland areas of Istinye much more valuable, as many locals look for houses for sale in this part of Istanbul. Another heaven for finance and luxury investment is Maslak, an inland zone of Sarıyer. There are many ongoing big construction projects in the area, offering both affordable and luxury flats for sale, therefore attracting those interested in property investment in Istanbul.

Yeniköy is home to gorgeous mansions and luxury houses. Many of the rich people used to have summerhouses here, as this district was also one of the places for summer holidays. This elite zone is still mostly preferred by the famous and rich people of Turkey. There are 95 mansions between Tarabya and Yeniköy. One of the most famous, Erbilginler Mansion, being the fourth most expensive luxury house in the world, was sold to a Qatari businessman. 
The most significant historical building is Mihrişah Sultan Fountain, commissioned by Mihrişah Sultan, mother of Selim III. 

The coast goes along to Tarabya bay, another upscale district of the province. Tarabya Marina and the seafood restaurants are the most famous attractions. During the Ottoman Empire, many embassies built their summer retreats in this area, the Austrian Embassy being one of the most beautiful examples. There are also several amazing mansions to view during your visit.

The villages of Sarıyer replace the more developed districts, as you go towards Black Sea. Kireçburnu is a pretty village and still remains relatively untouched. The locals are fond of the coast, the fish and the small restaurants around. Garipçe is facing a radical change through the construction of the third bridge in the area and is the future address of people who are looking for Istanbul property. Rumeli Feneri, the cute fishing village, maintains its flawlessness while its villagers still mostly make a living from fishing and agriculture.