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Discover Istanbul Province by Province: Üsküdar

A green and authentic province awaits you at the end of a five-minute boat trip from Beşiktaş. Üsküdar is one of the oldest residential neighborhoods of Istanbul, presenting a perfect blend of historical and modern Turkish properties. Founded in 7th century B.C by the ancient Greek Medarians, it was named Chrysopolis and rapidly became the second important maritime town after Chalcedon, Kadıköy.  During the Byzantine period, it was re-named as Skoutarion and served as a strategic trade route to Asia. When it finally became a part of Ottoman Empire in 1338, it was among the three largest suburbs together with Eyüp and Galata, and was mainly used as a cemetery area. 

There are over one hundred mosques in the province.  Just in front of Üsküdar port, stands Mihrimah Sultan Mosque, which was designed by Mimar Sinan in 16th century. Şemsi Paşa Mosque, another mosque made by Mimar Sinan, sits near the shore, adding a mystical ambience to the busy traffic of Üsküdar Square. Marmaray, the first undersea rail tunnel of Turkey has an entrance from the square, providing a very easy access to the suburban provinces of the European side and transporting thousands with high concentration in the mornings and evenings. 

A little away from the center, starts the Üsküdar shore stretching between Beykoz and Kadıköy. The coastal area to the southern part, Salacak and Harem, has a magnificent view of the historical peninsula of Istanbul, where Topkapı Palace, Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque greet those walking along the shore. The Maiden’s Tower in the Bosphorus is also accessible by boats for an elegant lunch. Salacak is one of the oldest residential areas of Üsküdar, offering many luxury flats with amazing Bosphorus views. Harem is the intercity bus station of the Anatolian side and it is just ten minutes from Üsküdar by a cab.

The opposite coastal route extends in the northern direction, through the main neighborhoods of Paşalimanı, Kuzguncuk, Beylerbeyi, Çengelköy and Kandilli. Paşalimanı is just five minutes walk from the center and it is a gateway to Sultantepe, the trending place to buy luxury homes and also to Fethi Paşa Park, located in the area between Sultantepe and Kuzguncuk. It is one of the biggest parks of the Anatolian side, where many inhabitants enjoy beautiful walks and have lunch in a green area full of fresh air. 

The historical wooden houses of Kuzguncuk and the reserved green areas lying in its upper hills make it a special zone for those who want to buy Istanbul property. There are many elegant restaurants in the area. Nakkaş is one of the most famous restaurants with a delicious menu and an amazing Bosphorus view. On the route to Beylerbeyi, which is always busy during the weekends, stands Beylerbeyi Palace, which was constructed by Sultan Abdulaziz as a summerhouse. The tile works inside and the special design of the rooms with European style furniture make this palace very attractive both for the locals and the tourists. Along the road to Çengelköy, you will find very nice restaurants, tea gardens and shops. Beylerbeyi, together with Çengelköy, is home to many luxury flats and mansions and a center of attraction for those looking for affordable houses for sale in Istanbul. Sadullah Paşa Yalısı is one the most beautiful mansions located in Çengelköy. You can have a great lunch in the garden of Sütiş Abdullah Efendi Yalısı, a historical mansion converted to a restaurant. One of the most famous mansions with the widest front to Bosphorus Strait, is the mansion of Kıbrıslı Mehmed Emin Pasha located in Kandilli, the neighbor district of Çengelköy. While many mansions are in line with each other along the coast, when you walk across the inland areas, you will find several affordable Istanbul properties for sale.

As Üsküdar is the gateway to the first Bosphorus Bridge, another important financial and residential area is Altunizade, where there is very busy traffic during the weekdays. The area is mostly preferred by upper-middle class families; therefore there are many ongoing luxury investments providing a safe and beautiful environment in the middle of the city. Capitol Shopping Center is also located here with many world famous brands and a children amusement park inside. 

Üsküdar and Kadıköy municipalities share Acıbadem Avenue, which is a calm and nice residential area. If you follow it towards Üsküdar, there is a route to Çamlıca and Çamlıca Hill, one of the most beautiful residential areas of the Bosphorus with fascinating views. You may enjoy your time in the cute tea gardens, while relaxing on the top of an amazing hill. There are many ongoing construction projects here as the district faces rapid transformation from a small green hill to one of the most in-demand locations for property investment in Istanbul