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Plastic Surgery Tourism Means Big Business in Istanbul

The rising popularity of Turkish soap operas around the world has affected many Turkish businesses in a positive way. There has been a steep increase in the amount of tourists visiting the country with hopes of discovering the Istanbul neighborhoods and mansions, where their favorite TV series are set. For quite a few of these tourists, Turkey's growing importance in the global health tourism business is another big incentive to come here. Some take their admiration for Turkish soap opera stars one step further by wanting to undergo plastic and reconstructive surgery to look like Tuba Büyüküstün or Beren Saat. Of course the desire to look as beautiful as their favorite stars, is not the only reason they undergo plastic surgery. Apart from physical appearance, improved breathing, posture and reducing the risk of heart conditions are other important factors that bring international patients to Turkish hospitals and clinics. Together with the Turkish property market, the number of private hospitals and clinics also boomed in recent years. There are also a few very good reasons why Turkey and especially Istanbul keep popping up on patients' itineraries more and more.

As technology advances, plastic surgery procedures become safer and more affordable. The most common procedures are facelifts, breast implants, nose surgeries, liposuctions and tummy tucks. There are also many clinics and hospitals that offer non-surgical cosmetic procedures to those seeking to improve the health of their skin and hair. Worldwide, Turkey has the 9th highest number of plastic surgeons and its facilities are up to world standards. There are many hospitals accredited by JCI, a respected international body that sets the gold standard in global health services. Indeed, some of Istanbul's hospitals remind you of luxury hotels, with the utmost care shown to hygiene and detail. They employ multilingual staff that has strong interpersonal communication skills. Take Liv Hospital in Ulus, for instance. This newly established hospital nested among the luxury homes and valuable Istanbul properties of the upper-scale Ulus neighborhood is introducing the ultra-modern and luxurious hospital concept. It has top-of-the-line technology matching its futuristic design and prides itself on the quality of its plastic and reconstructive surgery clinic.

Acıbadem and Medical Park are also respected hospital chains that provide world-class health services. Both the Maslak and Fulya branches of Acıbadem are excellent hospitals with remarkable facilities. They are known for adopting the latest technology and hiring the best talent in their respective fields. Located in Maslak and Fulya, two of the most profitable areas for property investment in Istanbul, they too reflect the ultra-modern face of the health sector in the country. There are also many smaller, private clinics and practices of famous surgeons, mostly around the neighborhoods of Nişantaşı and Etiler on the European side and Bağdat Avenue on the Asian side. These neighborhoods are popular among the rich and famous, who choose to reside in luxury flats and apartments in the area, which makes them the perfect location to find the best surgeons and clinics in the city.