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Istanbul From Above: Spectacular Helicopter Tours of the City

“If the earth were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital.” Napoleon Bonaparte once said this and any visitor arriving to the city for the first time would think that he had a point. However, experiencing the true grandeur of the city and what Napoleon really meant is not an easy task. Because the city is so big and spread over two continents with countless provinces, waterways, islands and forests, one of the best ways to view Istanbul is from above. A bird’s eye view of the city and the Bosphorus will paint a clear picture of the way the city is spread and the directions in which it’s growing. Whether you’re just visiting or planning to invest in Istanbul, a helicopter tour of the city will definitely be worth it. There are several companies offering helicopter tours of the city and we have compiled a few of them below, with information on their routes.

Helicopter Tour Istanbul

Serving visitors since 2005, the company offers 3 different types of tours during the summer months. The Small Tour is a 15-minute tour that focuses mostly on the Old City and the Bosphorus up to the Bosphorus Bridge. There is also a 30-minute Grand Tour and a 1-hour Big Tour. In addition the Old City, the Big Tour also lets you view the entire Bosphorus all the way from the Third Bosphorus Bridge, currently being built close to the Black Sea, to the Prince Islands at the Sea of Marmara. Their helicopters depart from Maslak, one of Istanbul’s largest business districts. They also have hotel helipad pickup, which costs extra. As you lift off through the skyscrapers and forests of Northern Istanbul, you will be fascinated by the potential growth of this exciting city. And if you’re looking for Istanbul property for sale, the helicopter experience will become even more rewarding. 

Istanbul Helicopter Tours

The company offers all kinds of tours to visitors. From daily sightseeing tours to night and helicopter tours, they have it all. The helicopter tours depart from Miniatürk, the miniaturized version of Turkey and Istanbul’s famous landmarks. So you can easily combine a trip to Miniatürk with this tour. That way, you will have the unforgettable experience of seeing both miniaturized and bird’s eye view representations of Istanbul’s famous landmarks. Apart from Istanbul tours, they also offer trips to many of the important touristic areas in the country. Their low cost Sunday flights offer a 15-minute tour of the Golden Horn, The Historical Peninsula and the Bosphorus. They also offer a 45-minute tour that covers the entire Bosphorus giving you incredible views of the luxury properties and mansions by the water. A tour like this is totally recommended, as it will affirm Napoleon’s famous saying as well as giving you a very good idea of how big this city is and how much bigger it’s about to get. Especially if you’re looking to buy Istanbul property, the tour will literally broaden your horizons regarding the opportunities for real estate investment the city has to offer.