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Discover Istanbul Province by Province: Bakırköy

Bakırköy is one of the oldest and most strategically important provinces of Istanbul, located between the Sea of Marmara and the D-100 highway on the European side of Istanbul. The history of the province goes back to the Roman Empire, when it was one of the most important political and military centers, called Hebdomon. During the Byzantine and Ottoman Period, it was used as a military zone as well as a summer resort. Its name changed from the Byzantine Makrikoy to the Turkish Bakırköy during the first years of the Turkish Republic. It is one of the most important commercial and residential areas today, being home to many shopping malls, industrial areas, business centers, luxury investment and Atatürk International Airport, the biggest airport in Turkey. 

Bakırköy is the center for trades and fairs; World Trade Center and C&R Expo are the two main exposition and exhibition areas located in the district of Yeşilköy, where many international trade fairs are organized with the participation of thousands of companies worldwide. Yeşilköy is one of the most valuable districts of Bakırköy and Atatürk International Airport is also located here. You will see several beautiful examples of Art Nouveau style wooden houses and luxury villas in Istanbul, when you have a walk around the district and the beautiful Yeşilköy Marina. There are also several historically significant buildings in the area, from Yeşilköy Lighthouse to the Istanbul Aviation Museum.

The oldest shopping mall of Istanbul, Galleria is located in Ataköy with more than a hundred branded shops and an ice rink. The second shopping center located here is Atrium. Ataköy, which is one of the oldest satellite town projects in the city, is one of those districts where upper-class residents prefer to live surrounded by green parks, luxury homes, Istanbul villas, the famous Ataköy marina and the gorgeous Marmara shore. There are many ongoing construction projects in the area and a high demand for new luxury flats that are built close by the sea.

Florya is another beautiful district of Bakırköy, with an amazing shore and a marina. It is where Atatürk, the founder of Turkish Republic, had a summer mansion. Atatürk Marina Mansion is now open to visitors throughout the year. The municipality of Istanbul has a restaurant here, serving delicious food with reasonable prices. The famous Beyti restaurant, which is visited by many politicians, businessmen and artists, is also located here. Here, you can have the chance to taste delicious and authentic Turkish food in an elegant restaurant built in Ottoman style architecture.

Bakırköy center is home to many shopping malls, including Carousel, Town Center, Forum and Capacity, contributing to the lively economy of the province. One of the most important historical buildings in the area is Fildamı Cistern, which was built during the Byzantine period in 6th century. Bakırköy Çarşı Mosque, Ahmet Hatun Mosque and the Bakırköy Hammam are the main heritages of the Ottoman Empire in the area. The cultural centers, theaters, five-star hotels, luxury apartments and easy transportation by boats, metro and bus attract those who want to invest in Istanbul, while the province doesn’t lose anything from its natural charm in the midst of this rapid development.