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Discover Istanbul Province by Province: Eyüp


Ranking in the top 10 provinces in Istanbul's Quality of Life Index, is the large province of Eyüp spread over a 242 km2 area. Mostly an inland province that stretches northward to the Black Sea, with a tiny coastline along the Golden Horn, Eyüp has a many unique characteristics that make it a desirable location for both tourists and those investing in Istanbul.

Eyüp's name comes from Abu Ayyub al-Ansari, a close companion of the Prophet Mohammad, who died here during the First Arab Siege of Constantinople. His tomb is also here. Eyüp Sultan Mosque was built later to include the tomb and the area has a large cemetery, where many Ottoman officials were also buried. This area has a mystical atmosphere and is considered one of the most sacred and spiritual places in the city. Thousands of Muslims come here every day, but the place is especially crowded during Ramadan and Friday prayers. For Muslims, it is an important pilgrimage site and they come here to pray. Many non-Muslims also visit the place, where they can enjoy the beautiful historical atmosphere. There is also an open-air market in the area, where one can find prayer mats, beads, scented oils, books on Islam and other items of religious importance. During Ramadan, large tents are set up, where traditional food is served during iftar as people break their fasts in one of the holiest places for followers of Islam. It is told that the Prophet Mohammad's footstep was found on one of the stones used to construct the mosque. It is even possible to find Istanbul property for sale close to this sacred area.

Another charming area in central Eyüp is the famous Pierre Loti Café. Situated upon a hill in Eyüp, it has fabulous views of the Golden Horn and many people visit this place to have tea and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. The name comes from an exotic French novelist, who was deeply affected by Ottoman culture and lifestyle and ended up living in Eyüp. Feshane, the old Ottoman fez-making factory by the Golden Horn, is nowadays an important destination during Ramadan, where many activities are being held.

Alibeyköy, an important neighborhood of Eyüp houses Istanbul Bilgi University, a respected private university, as well as popular touristic destination Miniaturk, where miniaturized versions of Turkey’s famous landmarks can be seen. Alibeyköy has also been attracting many people, who want to buy Istanbul property, due to its convenient and accessible location. 

Kemerburgaz and Göktürk are two important northern neighborhoods within Eyüp. They are newly developed suburban areas, surrounded by the Northern Forests. Many people that want to escape the chaos of the city choose these areas for a more natural and peaceful lifestyle. If you are planning to invest in real estate in Istanbul, make sure to check out these two areas as well. There is a gorgeous golf and country club in Kemerburgaz, too.