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Discover Istanbul Province by Province: Zeytinburnu

One of the most interesting and lively districts on the European side is Zeytinburnu. It was a fortress under the Byzantine name, Strongylon, built to protect the city from invasions. It became home to the priests of Jerusalem, who preferred to live far away from the people to apply their religion densely, after the Ottoman conquest. During the Ottoman Empire, its mystical theme led to the establishment of Yenikapı Mevlevihanesi, where many famous dervishes were educated. Several historical buildings of Ottoman architecture were built in addition to the others from the Byzantine period. Its cultural richness and hybrid structure remained even after the big domestic immigration it witnessed after 50’s. The dominance of agricultural production and diverse rich nature were replaced by heavy industrialization, as the region became the heart of the textile industry. The province was transformed into a working class residential area with its central location and affordable Istanbul properties. Its proximity to the Bosphorus Strait, comfortable transport network by tram and metro and the green parks on the shore, continue to attract those who are looking for houses for sale in Istanbul

There are several things to do in Zeytinburnu. For those who prefer shopping, Olivium Outlet Center is essential to visit, as you can find many branded shops with reasonable prices. The Çırpıcı City Park, the biggest park in Istanbul opened in 2015. It is full of green spaces, fun activities for children and a nice restaurant. The Garden of Medical Herbs is a beautiful place to visit to see more than 600 kinds of herbs and flowers. It is open to all visitors free of charge every day. The blend of green spaces, quality shopping and proximity to the Sea of Marmara has made this an ideal area to buy real estate to invest in Istanbul

The historical significance of the area is also worth discovering. Yenikapı Mevlevihanesi, which was built in the 16th century, is renovated after its destruction by three big fires. This Mevlevi lodge was home to many famous dervishes and artists of the Ottoman Period. Today, it is used as the institute of a private foundation university. Once you visit the area, you can see the outer architecture of this gorgeous building and also taste delicious meatballs and piyaz in Merkezefendi Mevlevihane Köftecisi, which is nearby. This name has also lent itself to the most famous historical building in the area, Merkez Efendi Mosque, which includes Merkez Efendi Shrine as well. The mosque was built for Sheikh Mehmet. He became a famous healer for preparing a special cure by using 41 different herbs to save Hafsa Valide Sultan from a severe sickness. He also shared this herbal mixture called mesir in paste form. It then became a tradition to serve and eat this paste in springtime. Mesir Paste Festival is organized in Manisa every year, with theater plays, music and lots of traditional mesir to be shared. These historical and spiritual aspects of the neighborhood contribute to it being popular among those looking for properties for sale in Istanbul

There are also several other historical sites to visit; Kazlıçeşme Fatih Mosque is said to be the first Turkish mosque in Istanbul. The lodge of an Istanbul saint called Seyyid Nizam is also one of the most visited places for praying. The district of Balıklı is home to several examples of Byzantine period architecture as it is blended nicely with Ottoman style. 

Kazlıçeşme is the biggest neighborhood of Zeytinburnu and it has easy access to public transportation, hospitals and the famous sports and performance venue called Abdi İpekçi Sports Center. Formerly a center of leather production in Istanbul, the area was later cleaned of the many leather tanneries, which created considerable pollution. There is also a huge meeting and rally area used for celebrations and political rallies. These facilities also contribute to making this province one of the prime locations for real estate in Istanbul.