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Discover Istanbul Province by Province: Cekmekoy

One of the more recently urbanized provinces of Istanbul is  Cekmekoy, the beautiful self-sufficient town on the Anatolian side. The municipality was founded in 2008, due to the rapid transformation of the area including Umraniye and Beykoz; and Cekmekoy was established in the middle of these. During the Ottoman Empire, this region was mainly used for summer retreats and its main development was due to its rich forests, which were used for the construction of mosques during the Atik Valide Sultan period. Many woodmen were located here to bring woods mainly to Uskudar, where many mosques were built at that period. It protected its relatively low profile for settlement until the industrial development in the 70's. Today, it is one of the most preferred zones of the working class, who work in production facilities nearby and also home to upper-middle class residents, who are drawn to the area due to luxury investment and booming Turkish real estate opportunities.

The province is 20km away from Sabiha Gokcen Airport and very close to the main highways; therefore it is easily reachable by bus or by car. The new subway line, which is planned for 2016, is also eagerly awaited by many residents, as well as many contractors, who are making property investment in Istanbul. As the popularity of this green province significantly increased in the recent years, there is a lot of demand for luxury villas and building complexes. The ongoing construction environment leads to new cultural projects, enhancing the lifestyle and quality.

The municipality is planning a new closed bazaar and a big park in Cekmekoy center, which is the most popular and crowded area of the province. Alemdag is one of the developing districts, welcoming many visitors who are looking for luxury villas in Istanbul. Tasdelen, the green district of Cekmekoy is famous for its parks and excursion spots. Omerli is also home to wide green fields and cute village houses, while there are also new luxury apartments for those, who prefer to stay close to the nature. There are a lot of local restaurants in the area, the most famous ones being the barbecue places on the road to Şile. You can buy and grill your own meat, while having a peaceful rest next to the beautiful forests.