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Discover Istanbul Province by Province - Kucukcekmece

Kucukcekmece is one of the hidden treasures of Istanbul, located at the western side of the city between the Kucukcekmece lagoon and the Sea of Marmara. The rivers of Sazlidere, Eskinoz and Nakkas that flow towards the lagoon enrich the natural beauty of the area. Recent archeological discoveries have demonstrated that the history of the province goes back to pre-historical civilizations and the ancient Hellenistic city of Bathonea was established here. The area used to be a summer retreat zone until the 60's, before it started taking its share of immigration and commercial development. Its perfect combination of nature and industrialization, as well as its proximity to the Ataturk International Airport and Ataturk Olympics Stadium make it very attractive for property investment in Istanbul. It is no surprise that it is the most populated province of Istanbul as of 2016.

The social facilities of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality at the center of Küçükçekmece offer delicious food with a gorgeous view of the lagoon. The municipality of Küçükçekmece organizes concerts, theater plays and whirling dervish performances to enrich the cultural environment of this self-sufficient region. There are also many festivals organized throughout the year from Lake festival to children’s and water sports festivals.

Halkalı is one of its most developed residential areas. Atakent district of Halkalı is one of the earliest satellite town projects of Istanbul and residential development in the area hasn’t lost pace since its early days. There are many ongoing construction projects including opportunities for luxury investment, residences and Istanbul apartments with sea views. Other parts of the district offer available options for those, who are looking for affordable Istanbul properties.

Ikitelli is the industrial zone of Küçükçekmece with Ikitelli Organised Industrial Region and Istoç that were established to move the manufacturing facilities in the city’s central zones. These two important industrial centers are the main driving forces behind Istanbul’s business appeal. Ikitelli is also home to several construction projects attracting those who are interested in buying new real estate in Istanbul. Sefakoy is another industrially developed area, with many production facilities and companies. The recent project of Sultanmurat Square with a closed bazaar and parking lot will add to the urbanization of the area.

In addition to the very big residential and social projects planned for the near future, the construction of several green parks, the new connection with Marmaray and the subway will surely provide new opportunities for those who want to invest in Istanbul