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The Best Places to Visit Around Bursa

As much as central Bursa is a gorgeous city with an amazing cultural and historical appeal, the larger province of Bursa also has many gems that wait to be explored. Even if you’re only passing through, we highly recommend that you spare a few days to discover the cute, little natural wonders along with famous weekend getaways, peaceful towns and mountains. If you are thinking more seriously about Bursa and looking for properties for sale in Turkey, these places will only make you fall in love with the region even more. After all, this was once the capital of the Ottoman Empire and even today, hundreds of years later; it’s lost nothing of its historic charm. These must-visit places, all within close reach from the center, make Bursa an excellent spot to engage in all sorts of fun, relaxing nature and cultural activities.

Mt. Uludağ

Uludag Bursa Turkey

Mt. Uludağ is the highest mountain of the region at 2,543 m. It is a natural park and famous wintersports resort that is open for activities all-year-round. It boasts an impressive fauna and flora, from mountain birds to butterflies, primroses to hyacinths. There is a direct ropeway from Yıldırım neighborhood in Bursa leading up to the mountain, ending at 1630 m in Sarialan. Winter is all about wintersports in the most famous Turkish ski resort. Summers are perfect for trekking and camping. There are also new residential projects on its foothills that offer authentic mountain cottage experience and many luxury homes.   


Mudanya Bursa Turkey

An historical port town, Mudanya still functions as the main port of Bursa. The town also serves as the main access point to Istanbul, via high-speed ferries. Thanks to its coastline and proximity to Bursa, it serves as the main summer retreat area of the region. With cute settlements like Siği, Kumyaka and Tirilye, historical Ottoman-era houses and streets, it is a great touristic destination as well as an attraction center for luxury investment. Together with the town of Gemlik, it is also one of the most important centers for olive production in Turkey. Tirilye, located at one of the most protected spots of the Mudanya coast has great fish restaurants that are definitely worth a visit. While in Tirilye, we also recommend visiting Fatih Mosque, which was converted from St. Stephanos Church and Taş Mektep, a turn-of-the-century, architectural masterpiece. Mudanya is one of the fastest developing areas in Bursa with many residential projects in the pipeline, making it a great place to find Turkish properties.

Gölyazı and Uluabat Lake

Golyazi Bursa Turkey

Ulubat Lake Bursa Turkey

Gölyazı is a charming and tiny village located by the Uluabat Lake. Settlement is behind ancient city walls in this protected site that houses Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman-era ruins. There is also a restored church in this gorgeous village that draws many migrating birds to itself. Cobble stone streets, friendly locals and fishermen are the defining characteristics of the village. There is also a 700 year-old sycamore tree in the village center. There are many islands on Uluabat Lake, the largest of them being Nailbey Island, with a monastery dating back to 825 A.D. The lakeside restaurants are perfect for trying local fish or enjoying peaceful boat rides. Although Gölyazı is a protected zone, there are many opportunities around Uluabat Lake for those looking for houses for sale in Turkey.


iznik bursa turkey

If you’re a history buff, you simply can’t afford to miss visiting this 7000 year-old settlement, where traces of Alexander the Great, Bithynia Kingdom, Roman, Byzantium and Ottoman Empires can still be found. Having served as a capital city for many civilizations, it is no wonder that people say “One cannot understand history without understanding İznik.” The first Turkish capital in Anatolia, it is also a holy site for Christians, as well as home to the first madrasah of the Ottoman Empire. İznik is also well known for its beautiful lake, exquisite traditional tile works that adorn many mosques around Turkey, olive production. The ancient charm of İznik still draws people to itself, with Turkish real estate investors among them. Ottoman style housing projects are available for those that are looking for houses for sale in Turkey