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The Beauty of Mediterranean Sea: Antalya

Antalya has been a tourism center for many years for its coasts, beaches and unique Mediterranean atmosphere. For many people Antalya is an indispensable place to go. Even though they would not think to buy properties in Turkey, Antalya made them think twice. It is a great and developing place, to spent summer time there are too many beaches in the south part of the city, for winter there are skiing facilities in the north. Many businessmen prefer to invest in Istanbul, but not many of them know the hidden beauty in Antalya. If they had knew, Antalya would have been the first place they make investment in Turkey. The question is what makes Antalya a beautiful place?

Lycian Way-Likyayolu

Lycian Way, Antalya, Turkey

The route between Fethiye and Antalya is a magnificent place for trekking. In addition the winner of The Best View in Turkey, Gelidonya Lighthouse is on Lycian Way.

Xanthos Ancient City

Xanthos Ancient City, Antalya, Turkey

Its history goes back 3000 years but it is one of the strongest ancient places in the world. Besides its mosaics and sea view makes it unique among other ancient cities.

Termessos Ancient City

Termessos Ancient City Antalya, Turkey

It is the most well preserved ancient city in Turkey because it is made to be preserved. The city is still alive and colorful that will take you into a history journey.

Aspendos Ancient City

Aspendos Ancient City, Antalya, Turkey

It is the most known ancient city in Antalya for its size. It contains functional waterways, churches, a stadium and a theater. All in all, it still provides the basic needs to be a city.

Manavgat Waterfall

Manavgat Waterfall, Antalya, Turkey

It is the symbol of Manavgat River and Antalya. The beauty of the waterfall cannot be appreciated in photos. The sound that the water makes and peaceful environment is a heaven on earth.

Saklıkent Skiing Center

Saklikent Skiing Center, Antalya, Turkey

As it is said before Antalya is not just sun and beach. If you decide to go to Antalya in winter Saklıkent will be the best choice.


Köprüçay, Antalya, Turkey

It is the best place for trekking, rafting and camping in Turkey. For a quiet holiday is a remarkable place in Antalya.