Turkish Property Port

This Street Makes Investors Win

Türkiye Değerleme Uzmanlar Birliği TDUB (Appraiser Association of Turkey), made an analysis in İstanbul’s one of the most important business centers, Büyükdere Street.  According to them, properties in Büyükdere Street’s values are approximately 4.000-12.500 dollar, and rents are 35-55 dollar per square meter. 
Bekir Yener Yıldırım, the chairman of TDUB, states that in 80s there were only a couple of plazas. As time passed people started to build more and more. Right now Büyükdere Street is the center of business of the European side of İstanbul. There are many foreign investments as well as locals. Area is preferable for mostly the finance and the service industry.
The area has become a business center and one of the reasons for that is the metro and shopping malls that follow the line.  According to Yıldırım, no other properties in Istanbul can match the luxury and first class service like people provide on Büyükdere Street. Its location in İstanbul is key, other business centers cannot be like Büyükdere Street, as it is in the middle of the crossroads between the Bosphorus Bridge and the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. The Yenikapı- Hacıosman metro line and new plazas that are being constructed make Büyükdere even more active. He also states that the old building are beginning to be demolished in order to keep the standard of the street. 
Being the finance center also brings action to real estate investments in Istanbul. Real estate agents in Büyükdere have been very busy lately to show people new locations. Some say “When people walk in, their only concern becomes finding a place in Büyükdere”.
Having an office is absolutely a matter of prestige in İstanbul. Finding or constructing a plaza is like horse racing but this time it is businessmen who are racing and their hippodrome is Büyükdere Street.