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Turkey is the Leader of Construction

Turkey Contractors Union TCU’s board of directors made a meeting with journalist in Ankara. The chairman of TCU Mithat Yenigün stated that TCU, preparing for the celebrations of 64th birthday, is the crown jewel for Turkey’s economy. 
Yenigün says construction sector presents a dynamic condition. Turkish Contractors’ works contain mostly Russia, Iraq and Libya beside the investments in Turkey they make. Considering the current condition of these countries they make foreign investment to North Africa and South America.

Yenigün, “Turkish contractors are leading the world considering capacity, quality and know-how.”
Construction sector's potential is very promising. There has been urban transformations in Turkey and since then people started to question the role of Turkish contractors in the world market. Their investment in İstanbul, Yalova and Bursa seem the only work they do lately but Yenigün proves the opposite. Yenigün, “There are over 300 thousand contractors in Turkey. Despite the fact our 142 members are getting done 70% work in Turkey and 90% work outside of Turkey.”
Here are the crucial points that Yenigün made:
Turkey is leading the construction sector in the world. Our contractor has done 8.622 projects in 107 different countries since 1972.
The chairman of Confederation of International Contractor’s Association CICA, is a Turk. Emre Aykar is doing his job very good and he deserves all the praise he gets.

gebze izmir highway
We are wanted. What Turkish Contractors do is first class jobs and world is aware of that. Our members are not only in contracting sector but also they are interested in producing constructing materials, energy, tourism, health and transportation. It is a multidimensional goal we have.
We are trusted. Our works worth approximately 125 billion dollar per project.
We are making projects in Turkey. Don’t think that we forgot Turkey. Our members are making some of the biggest projects in Turkey right now. Istanbul’s New Airport, the 3rd bridge in İstanbul and Gebze-İzmir highway are just some of them.