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For a Weekend Away: Polonezköy

Polonezkoy Istanbul

On a sunny winter day in İstanbul, perhaps the most beautiful thing you can do would be to go to a nearby getaway spot. So, let’s look at Polonezköy which is both close to the city of İstanbul and at the same time intertwined with nature.
Polonezköy is developing day by day in terms of both tourism and property investment in İstanbul. It is one of the best getaway spots for those who do not want to spend their weekend in İstanbul but also who do not have enough time to go so far. You can go to Polonezköy early in the morning and spend a pleasant time until the evening. Firstly, Polonezköy has a very nice hiking trail. So, according to your wish, you can first take a walk in the nature and then continue with having an organic breakfast which includes fresh vegetables, bread and eggs. You can get feel the nature and  breathe the fresh air while walking on the trail which is surrounded with fences and which is 1 km in length. After you finish your hike, you can have a coffee break in the afternoon in one of the beautiful and pleasant places. After you rest a little bit, you can start to discover the village.You will see lots of gardens in which you will want to go around for hours. Some constructions will amaze you due to their architecture. Polonezköy which was founded by the prince of Poland in ancient times and which was a farming place formerly, is considered as one of the holiday villages that has many  luxury properties in İstanbul. Also, there are many boutique hotels and restaurants in Polonezköy. Respectively, some of them are; Leonardo Restaurant in which you can find lots of flavors of Turkish, Polish, French and Austria cuisine, Polonezköy Country Club in which you can find very comfortable accommodation in luxury houses Istanbul and lastly, Green House which provides you lots of different activities and accommodation opportunities in the  luxury apartments in Istanbul