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Most Famous Street Foods in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the cities in the world, which offers dozens of street vendors! You can find almost anything you want during your walks in the city. At Sultanahmet area, at Taksim, at Istiklal, at Karakoy and at many more beautiful areas. Most of the vendors offer good quality products at very cheap prices, fact that makes street food even more famous. So if you meet one of them, stop for a while and taste unique flavors! 

The most popular street food, not only in Istanbul but all over Turkey, is the ‘simit’. A delicious small round bread, sprinkled with sesame seeds. Turks prefer to eat simit especially in mornings for breakfast, accompanied by tea. You can find it all over the city and of course at the Taksim square, one of the best areas to buy Istanbul property

Turkish fish and bread

For those who love fishes, there is an absolutely delicious meal, which called ‘balik ekmek’. A fish sandwich that contains fish fillet, green salad, onions and lemon! The best areas to taste it, are at the Karakoy and Eminonu, places where you can find many houses for sale in Istanbul Turkey.

One more famous street food, is ‘rice with chickpeas’ or ‘nohut pilav’. This great meal, consists of rice and chickpeas. You can buy it in portions and most of the times you can find it accompanied by boiled chicken. Try it both for lunch and dinner!

‘Mussels’, or as Turks say ‘midya dolma’, is the best snack during the day!  These small mouthfuls, are stuffed with spicy rice topped with lemon. They are sold by piece and people eat them especially after drinks or as an accompaniment to their raki.

Turkish simit

Many times you will come across with people holding a small paper bag full of chestnuts. Roasted chestnuts are sold all year long, especially at the most touristic areas, where you can find many flats for sale in Turkey. The only thing you should make sure, is not to be undercooked.

A popular food that comes from Lebanon, is a stuffed meatball, which Turks call 'içli köfte'. A fried croquette with cylindrical shape, made of bulgur, onions, lamb and many spices!