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Top 5 Shopping Malls on the European Side of Istanbul

Modern Shopping Malls in Istanbul

In the metropolis that is Istanbul you really can find anything you want. With a history of being one of the major trading cities on the silk route, Istanbul today still offers a diversity of goods and venues to buy from. With over 30 modern shopping malls that combine luxurious office space and exclusive living accommodation and many more planned, Istanbul offers a vast retail empire, the choice is yours.

Vialand Shopping Mall Eyup Istanbul

Vialand Shopping Mall

Classed as an entertainment, lifestyle and shopping centre this huge complex offers the range and diversity people expect of Istanbul. Designed as a 360 ˚ experience the modern architecture brings clarity of style with its clean lines and soft curvature, that blends well into the Fatih district where it can be found.

Kanyon shopping Mall Levent Istanbul

Kanyon Shopping Mall

This shopping mall was designed to be vibrant, green and open, in contrast to the enclosed malls that can be found throughout Istanbul. The composition is of a mixed use destination with ample rooftop parking and entertainment alongside the multiple retail outlets and shops. The name projects the design concept in that it winding and curving like a canyon, with plazas and an amphitheatre; the mall projects an organic pleasing design that has encouraged many foreign retailers to be part of this energetic space. The overall pleasing architectural shape has become part of the city’s skyline

Trump Towers, Şişli, Istanbul

Trumph Shopping Mall

The first of the Trump Towers in Europe this splendid shopping mall consists of two towers, one business, one residential and between them a well thought out luxury mall. The towers are the 20th tallest towers in Istanbul and an architectural delight of prismatic glass. The design of the towers gives one the sense of movement which is reflection of the bustling area of Şişli where it is located. The perspective of the towers when travelling along the E5 is that the towers are turning on the centre, very intriguing. A first for Turkey is the dedicated children’s area; not only for shopping but with entertainment and children’s activities. Happy Kids –happy parents, more time to shop!

Mall of Istanbul, Başakşehir, Istanbul

Mall of Istanbul Shopping Mall

This tremendous complex opened in 2014 it is a place where you can ‘shop till you drop’! Numerous International and Turkish stores, high end designer goods in a spacious environment ensure this a very attractive mall for a full day shopping. An indoor theme park is an attractive extra alongside the theaters and cinema complex. The distinctive four towers of the complex compliment the curvilinear forms. This esthetically pleasing mall incorporates cross cultural themes depicting Istanbul history through its design, use of materials and symbols.

Istinye Park, Sarıyer, Istanbul

Istinye Park Shopping Mall

Designed to bring a green eco friendly environment to shopping malls, this fantastic mall was a breath of fresh air when it was opened in 2007; the combination of open and covered shopping areas innovative and thoughtful. Istinye Park continues to provide well thought out services for its patrons from free buggies to waste oil collection. Known for its life style centre with the beautiful atrium overlooking stores and a central park, you can even find an authentic Turkish food bazaar.