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Buying Real Estate to Invest Istanbul

Why Istanbul for Real Estate Investment?

Investors are looking to add Istanbul real estate to their investment portfolio. The reasons for this are multiple but with a solid economic growth coupled with huge government investment to improve transportation being very much part of the decision. The International hub that Istanbul has become over the years, its warm welcome to foreign investors, the economic stability are all attractive to businesses and investors. As more and more companies base their operations in Istanbul, the demand for properties, homes and rentals have increased exponentially and continue to do so. Couple all of that with the ultra modern shopping malls, conference and trade outlets and a superlative social and cultural environment; you have an ideal city for growth and investment making buying real estate to invest Istanbul a very attractive proposition.

Buying Real Estate to Invest Istanbul

Considerations when Buying Real Estate to Invest Istanbul

When considering buying real estate to invest Istanbul, certain factors need to be taken into consideration when considering the city and determining a plan of action.

  • Amount of investment monies available – a no brainer really, you need to know your budget.
  • Long or short term return.
  • Do you want commercial or residential properties.
  • Looking at investing in established areas of Istanbul can often mean having to outlay large capital. Consider exploring the up and coming areas, urban development areas, all of which offer great opportunities for getting in on the ground floor of buying real estate to invest Istanbul.
  • High end luxury – lots of capital required but returns excel.
  • Buying ‘off plan’ can often be a way into mid to high end luxury property without an huge outlay of capital but would still require a fairly steep investment.
  • Commuter and properties for the young professional, offer solid investment with regular returns, this is a comfortable way of buying real estate to invest Istanbul.
  • Lower cost housing, for families– both inner and outer city. Obviously investment capital required varies depending on the area, with a potential for double the amount of real estate in the outer city as compared to inner city prices.