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Get your Priorities Right; Breakfast, then Properties for Sale in Istanbul Turkey!

Breakfast is known as the important meal of the day in most cultures and certainly is in Turkey. So before getting down to any serious business of the day even looking for your properties for sale in Istanbul Turkey; a good breakfast is a necessity and certainly not hard to find in Istanbul. There are many cafes and restaurants that serve a good breakfast; if they happen to have ‘Van’ in their name you can just about guarantee an exceptional display of food. The town of Van is synonymous with excellent and sumptuous breakfasts, even going so far as to have a street in the town dedicated to breakfast, Kahvalti Street.
When you are searching among the properties for sale Istanbul Turkey you will find a large variety and like the Turkish breakfast the diversity will amaze you. Take your time to appreciate every aspect before making an informed choice!

Breakfast is Served!

The simplest breakfast is fresh bread served with cheese, then you start to add in the olives, the honey and the jams and let’s not forget kaymak, a thick clotted cream that just melts in your mouth. Tomatoes and cucumbers are a stable but you can also find red peppers filled with meat and pine nuts. You will be served side dishes of walnuts, fresh fruit, candid fruits, figs dates; a veritable feast for the senses and taste. Not forgetting the Turkish scrambled egg, menemen, which is cooked with onion and tomatoes, herbs and a bit of spice, delicious. Breakfast should awaken all your taste buds so do not be surprised at the mix of chili, sweet and sour you will find on your breakfast table. Of course it would not be a Turkish breakfast without the ubiquitous Turkish çay or tea. Drunk from small glasses, this normally strong brew made from tea leaves is often heavily sweetened and it no Turk would start the day without one – although a coffee might follow, tea is the standard fare to start your day.

After Breakfast it’s time to start looking for Properties for Sale in Istanbul Turkey

Properties for Sale in Istanbul Turkey

As in selecting the tastiest ingredients for a Turkish breakfast; so to you need to select your preferences when choosing from the variety of properties for sale in Istanbul Turkey. Apartments, villas, new, renovated, the list goes on. The metropolis that is Istanbul offers you a smorgasbord of properties for sale, there is one waiting for you, so after a good Turkish breakfast you will be ready to start finding yours.