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Looking for that Exclusive Somewhere?

Want somewhere exclusive and something a bit special; then look no further than Bebek property Istanbul. This über chic area can be found on the European shores of the Bosphorus in the district of Beşiktaş. This famous historical area became very popular during Ottoman rule and has remains so today.
Bebek’s historical property Istanbul is very eclectic showing the diverse influences of the various cultures and inhabitants of this area. Greeks, Jews Armenians and lately Americans, have all settled here over the years adding their own unique contribution to the area. The beautiful waterfront properties are some of the most sought after property Istanbul. Throughout the centuries the aristocrats, wealthy, the sultans and their Pasha’s had summer palaces and homes here, taking it over from the original Greek fisherman. The Bebek mosque and the Snake mansion (Yilanli Yali) being only two of the interesting places you can see here. The history of the area combined with its authenticity; the select and prestigious accommodation that can be found here makes Bebek a very select area for property Istanbul.

Property Istanbul, distinct and attractive with a interesting history.

Property Istanbul

How this area got its name is interesting, with different stories accounting for it;-

  • Originally the area was known by a number of names including Hallai, after the conquest of Constantinople by Sultan Mehmet 11 he gave land in the area to his head of security, Bebek Çelebi many think the area’s name derived from this man.
  • Bebek means ‘baby’ in Turkish and for some, the name is derived from that, meaning the superb position along the lovely bay and waters of the Bosphorus are as beautiful as a baby
  • The term ‘Boğaz'ın Gözbebeği’ translates literally to the ‘pupil of the Bosphorus’ pupil in Turkish being ‘eye baby’. A more apt description in English would be more akin to “the apple of my eye” my being the Bosphorus.

For many who are searching for that slightly more up market property Istanbul, one that offers a trendy atmosphere with a very civilized mode of living then look no further that Bebek. It offers something for everyone with its great scenery, the Bebek marina, the yachts, the superlative fish restaurants and the buzzing cafe society or just to take a stroll along the promenade. In Bebek you will find that that little bit extra that makes a place special.