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Thinking of Real Estate Investment Istanbul?

As a city grows, so too does its demand for real estate both commercial and residential; areas are constantly adapting and changing; socially, economically physically as one change occurs it has a effect on other aspects of the area. People need homes to live in, businesses to develop and entertainment to relax with; they also need quick and efficient transportation between all of those. Land for real estate investment Istanbul is available in the east and west sides of Istanbul, deciding where is the best place for you is important. Exploring the different options and areas available is necessary. One thing is certain that movement and transportation is essential to any area looking to develop. In Istanbul this is a priority; with the development of roads and bridges alongside metro and monorail projects’; commuting is getting easier and faster. One such project is the Sefaköy-Başakşehir monorail, scheduled to be completed by 2019, further opening the area of Sefaköy and Küçükçekmece to further development. Designed to link the passenger terminals at the Ataturk Airport to main transport lines, the monorail will also offer commuters more choice for movement around the city.

Real Estate Investment Istanbul

Urban Regeneration makes Sefaköy an Attractive Area for Real Estate Investment Istanbul.

Sefaköy also has access to the rapid TEM motorway which connects Europe and Istanbul and whilst a busy suburb it nearness to the inland lagoon also makes it a pleasant area to live. Access to schools, university and shopping malls along with the scheduled improvement of transportation makes it an attractive proposition for real estate investment Istanbul.
This area presents with a colourful history from prehistoric times; being an important trading point and essential route between Europe and the east it was also a lovely holiday and weekend getaway up until the 1950’s. Unplanned development happened for a time with illegal housing appearing but projects to replace these with housing that meets a required standard, offering quality in build and living standards were initiated. Urban regeneration and the development of a sustainable environment has again made this an attractive area for real estate investment Istanbul.