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Investment in Property in Turkey is Looking Very Healthy

If you are looking for property in Turkey that will be an investment for the future or to add to your portfolio, then knowing the country is investing in itself is a positive inducement. The Turkish government along with the private sector has invested a lot of time and money into current and future projects, designed with the future in mind.
Good transportation is an essential for anyone considering buying property in Turkey. International, domestic and city transports have to be fast, modern and have a capability to manage the increasing demand and usage. Transportation is essential to the economy of a country, not only the movement of tourists but the connection of businesses to their supply and demand. The logistics of transportation in Turkey needs to take account of the country’s size, topography and need. Building is expensive, from a bridge to a subway to making road signs better; all require extensive planning and investment which Turkey is prepared to do, ensuring your property in Turkey will retain and improve its value.

Property in Turkey

Turkey Investing in the Future

2016 shall see the finishing of some projects and the start of new ones countrywide, so where ever you are considering property in Turkey these projects will significantly improve your investment.

  • The third bridge, the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, over the Bosphorus, a combination of vehicle and train line is scheduled to begin operating in May.
  • The Levent – Hisarüstü metro was completed in 2015, alongside the Sanayi – Seyrantepe, with further developments in the metro system still ongoing. Ankara has also seen significant work on their metro with Tandoğan – Keçiören expected to be operational in 2016.
  • Down on the Mediterranean coast, Antalya, a very popular resort area with the second largest airport traffic in Turkey. EXPO 2016 is being held here and for the predicted extra 8 million visitors the first phase tramway line connecting Airport to city center is expected to be complete in time for the opening.
  • Railway projects are underway or under tender in Istanbul increasing the mobility within the city.

Awaiting consideration in Istanbul are a number of exciting projects, including;

  • a three story tunnel for traffic and metro running under the Bosphorus.
  • The building of at least two Ro-Ro terminals at the north-south axis of the Marmara sea