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The Guide

Our carefully prepared buyer guide is targeted at anyone thinking about making property investment in Turkey. It is loaded with essential information, basic rules of thumb and illuminating data that shines a light on your path to becoming a property owner in one of the most amazing countries in the world.

As one of the most respected full-service real estate agencies in Turkey, we have taken years worth of experience and expertise and summarized it into this concise and helpful guide. In it, you will find basic information about why you should make property investment in Turkey, a step-by-step road map to the buying process of Turkish properties including expense and cost analysis, how to get financing and legal know-how. Moreover, you will find information pertaining residency and work permits as well as bringing your vehicles and pets into Turkey. We also briefly explain the tax situation in Turkey, while getting down to the basics of cost of living and healthcare in the country.

All in all, the guide will give you a very clear picture of everything you need to know regarding property investment in Turkey, while you can also consult us for any questions or help down the line. We will do our best to answer questions, provide guidance and get you closer to your dream investment in the dreamland we call Turkey.

Property Investment in Turkey

Investment confidence and Turkey’s popularity are at an all-time high, with record-level growth rates, newly introduced laws that make things easier for foreign investors, a steady rise in GDP and a fast growing young population and economy. Preserving its strategic importance as a cultural and economic bridge between the East and the West, Turkey has witnessed a major construction and real estate boom. A solid banking system, great financing opportunities, mega projects and urban transformation projects have boosted its appeal. There are simply too many great benefits that come with property investment in Turkey, while our executive summary focuses on the most essential information you’ll need. Click to explore.

The Buying Process

Here, we outline the basic steps that will lead you right to the door of your new property in the country. Starting with information about who can own Turkish properties, the legal and administrative steps, the costs and expenses; then moving over to financing options, the basics of setting up a Turkish company and the benefits of using a solicitor, we provide you with a simple road map to the entire process. Of course, we can lend our expertise in these matters all along the way, to ensure that the process goes as smooth as possible, without any hassle or loss or time and money. Click to explore.

Visas and Residency Statuses

This part of our guide is meant to shine a light on the path to living and working in Turkey legally. Residency and work permits can be obtained through standardized procedures with a considerable amount of paperwork. But rest assured and don’t worry about the legal jargon. As a full-service agency, we have expert personnel, who can answer all your questions. Click to explore.

Bringing Your Vehicle and Pets

After they buy a Turkish property, most people wonder about how to bring their vehicles and pets into the country. In this section, we provide everything you need to know regarding this complicated matter. You will see why bringing your vehicle might not be such a great idea, yet how easy it could be to bring your beloved pets to live with you in Turkey. Click to explore.

How Taxes Work in Turkey

It’s important to understand the tax situation in Turkey, before you buy a Turkish property. From getting your personal tax number to learning more about the different types of taxes that your purchase will incur, all the essentials regarding the tax situation in Turkey are listed here for your convenience. Click to explore.

Life in Turkey

One of the main reasons behind Turkey’s popularity is the relatively low cost of life and the excellent healthcare system in the country. From comparative analyses to the basics of Turkey’s healthcare sector, we provide a thorough listing of all the reasons why living in Turkey is an excellent prospect that you should seriously consider. Click to explore.

By clicking to explore further, we hope you will find all the answers to your questions about property investment in Turkey. Our guide is meant to outline all the basics of the process, but do feel free to consult our expert staff regarding any detail and we will be happy to assist you. Our goal is to demonstrate that with the necessary know-how and expertise, anyone can easily make property investment in Turkey, following the safest and most advantageous ways possible. Click to explore