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Top 5 Places for Healthy Activities in Istanbul

Health, is the most precious thing in one’s life and for this reason, exercise and in general all healthy activities, should not be absent of the everyday life. This of course applies, not only for the citizens of a city, but also for the visitors. Istanbul, being a metropolis, except the dozens wonderful sights, offers also many luxury places for healthy activities, that you can join with your friends and family. 

The most common choice for someone who want to be exercised, is to join a sports club. Elysium Spor Center, is one of the best choices in the city, providing all kinds of programs, such as pilates, spinning, fat burn, tae-bo and many other. Elysium offers also the possiblity of personal training, for those who want to be exercised alone, at their own pace. This sports center is located at Sisli area, on the European side and very close to the city center. For those who want to invest in real estate in Istanbul, the Sisli area would be one of the best choices.

An activity that it is most beloved from all ages, is swimming. And what could be more attractive, even for those who do not love exercising, than a swimming pool with great views to the city? Ciragan Palace Kempinski, offers a huge swimming pool at its garden, providing the utlimate experience, by swimming almost next to Bosphorus. The Palace is located at the famous Besiktas area, where investors can find many Istanbul flats for sale.

Top 5 places for healthy activities in Istanbul

A unique way of exercise in cities that offer sea, is sailing. Istanbul provides a professional sailing school where people can join, in order to get trained and acquainted with sailing. The academy is located in Kadikoy, on the Asian side of the city, where you can easily go, taking a ferry either from Eminonu or Karakoy.

Tennis, consider to be one of the most classy sports. So, in a city such wonderful as Istanbul, couldn't be missing a tennis club. The luxury Conrad Hotel, offers three clay courts, both for adults and children, and also special cardio tennis trainings. This luxury hotel is located very close to the banks of Bosphorus, near the Yildiz Park.  

The activity that it is most preferred from a big portion of the people, is either walking or running in natural landscapes, such as forests or parks. In Istanbul, the best place to experience such an activity, is along the Bosphorus, both on the European and on the Asian side of the city. There are many routes for one to follow, such as Arnavutkoy to Bebek, Karakoy to Kurucesme, Uskudar to Kuzkuncuk and many more. Bosphorus is the absolute jewel in Istanbul, making activities near it wonderful experiences. The most expensive but at the same time great choices for investing in Istanbul, are in areas on the banks of Bosphorus.