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The History Of Turkish Citizenship Law

• The original law for Turkish citizenship was announced in 2010 on the artickle 12 of  law no 5901 named Exceptionally Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship  . Regarding this law; foreigners who does not have any form of obstacle in terms of national security and public order,may acquire Turkish citizenship following the proposal of the Ministry, with the decision of the Council of Minister. The Turkish Citizenship by investment was not announced.

• Regarding the statement in  1 (b) of law no 5901 article 12   named Exceptionally Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship the foreignors who have the residence permit for 5 years can apply for the Turkish Citizenship


• In January 12, 2017 the Turkish Government announced an amendment no of 2016 / 9601 to the law no 5901  Exceptionally Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship by the decsion of the Council of Ministers saying that  the foreigners who invest in Turkey with the minimum amount of 1 million USD and keep it for 3 years can get Turkish Citizenship.

• In September 18, 2018 a new amendment is annnounced with the amendment no 106 by the signature of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan saying that the min amount of Turkish Citizenship by Investment is decreased to 250.000 USD