Turkish Property Port

Healthcare in Turkey

Just like the booming Turkish property market, the healthcare sector in Turkey has also registered high-speed growth. Turkey has great university hospitals, public and private hospitals, clinics, laboratories, imaging centers, experienced and polite healthcare professionals and research centers staffed and equipped up to world standards. The costs are much less than the costs of similar procedures in Germany or the United States. From eye-related diseases to dental, oncology and cardiovascular to plastic surgery, Turkey has been a regional center for medical tourism.

Hair transplant is another driving force behind Turkey’s healthcare sector. In recent years, it has transformed into a $1 billion business that is literally “booming” with 350 dedicated clinics alone in Istanbul. An estimated 5000 people arrive to the city each month for a procedure medically known as follicular unit extraction, or hair transplantation as it’s more commonly known. It is primarily used to treat male pattern baldness.

Here are some comparisons in price for specific health services:

(Source: turkishhealthcaretravelcouncil.org)

  US Germany Turkey
Heart by-pass: $129,750 $17,335 $15,000
Knee replacement: $40,000 $11,781 $11,200
Liposuction: $9,000 $4,376 $3,333
Bone marrow transplant: $300,000 $250,000 $70,000

Private Health Insurance in Turkey

Although Turkish public hospitals attend to emergencies immediately and free of charge, it is highly recommended to apply for some kind of private health insurance. There are many different plans to choose from and they give you access to the country’s best private hospitals and medical institutions.