Turkish Property Port


•I have already an investment in Turkey. Can I get Turkish Citizenship?

     If the title deed registry date of your property is after than January 12, 2017 and
     the value on  your title deed corresponds or more than 250.000 USD with the
     calculation of the effective sales rate of The Central Bank of Turkish Republic on
     the title deed registration date than you can apply for the Turkish Citizenship.

• When I get the Turkish Citizenship can my family get the Turkish Citizenship also?

Yes, when you get the Turkish Citizenship your wife, your children under the age of 18 will get the Turkish Citizenship automatically.
Your children who are older than 18 can not get a Turkish Citizenship but they can live in Turkey forever.

• Do I have to pay all the amount 250K USD cash or can I pay it in installments?
The important thing to apply for the Turkish Citizenship is to receive your title deed. You can pay the total amount in installments but as long as your payments continiue you can not receive your title deed. When you finish your payments you will receive your title deed and apply for the citizenship.
When you pay cash you will receive your title deed instantly so that you can start your citizenship application earlier.

• How long does the process take to get the Citizenship?

It would take around 2-4 months

• Where should I go and start my application?
Reha Medin Global Property Management team can start your process on your name with a power of attorney so that you will not need to think about any bureaucracy. Our experienced team can manage your process securely and fastly.