Turkish Property Port

Turkish Citizenship Law No 5901 / 106

Regarding the Law No 5901 with the amendment decision no 106 dated   September 18, 2018

a) Invest in Properties in Turkey  with the minimum amount of 250.000 USD (which was 1 million USD), with an assurance of the comentary  put on the title deed by  land registry saying that the said property can not be sold within 3 years starting from the registration date of the title deed.

b) Invest at least 500.000 USD fixed capital in Turkey by founding a company or buying a  company (which was 2 million USD before) subject to verification by the Ministry of Economics.

c) Deposit 500.000 USD in Turkish Banks by buying Government Bonds and keep them for 3 years (which was $3 million USD before) authenticated by relevant Turkish authority.

d) Employ 50 or more people (which was 100 before), subject to Labour and Social Security Ministry verification.The source of the money used to invest or be banked has to be clearly shown, to ensure it is legal.