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Sustainability and Turkish Properties

Sustainability and Turkish Properties

As sustainable living and ‘green’ technology becomes the norm in our societies anyone looking at Turkish properties will have an expectation of them meeting certain standards. What many may not realise is that Turkey has been utilising sustainable energy for some time. Solar panels are nearly de rigueur in any Turkish property especially around the coastal areas with their long hot summers, but even the cities utilise this technology.
Last year saw Turkey enter the top 10 countries in Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Awards aka LEED. This is a United States ranking by their Green Building Council, which recognises those countries that are making significant strides in sustainable building design. This is excellent news for Turkey’s future energy consumption as 42% of Turkeys net electrical consumption comes within the construction trade. With the growing population and increase demand for Turkish properties sustainable designs are the way forward.

Turkish Properties – Sustainable Design is the Way Forward

Some examples of the LEED awards given in Turkey:

  • LEED Platinum Award - Rönesans Tower Office. Istanbul
  • LEED Gold Award - Palladium Antakya Shopping Mall. Antakya
  • LEED Gold Award - (Maslak): Spine Tower. Istanbul
  • LEED Gold Award - Torun Tower. Istanbul
  • LEED Gold Award - Konya Science Center. Konya

All of these buildings showed the significant contribution of sustainable design, construction and or transformation that is displaying Turkey’s commitment to green building. If you are interested in all aspects of green living and want to ensure you contribute to this take a look at Yesillist, a green portal to all sustainable projects within Turkey. You can also find out further information on environmental architecture, building and construction from CEDBIK,( Çevre Dostu Yeşil Binalar Derneği) the Turkish Green Building Council. A lot of people do not think of Turkey within the eco-friendly framework, they would be surprised at how much is happening, not just in construction but throughout the country. Organic cottons, sustainable wine production, solar energy uses and many more which we will pursue in future posts.