Turkish Property Port

Bringing Your Pets Into Turkey

If you have decided to live in Turkey, then your pets can also join you, as bringing your pets into the country is allowed and exempt from customs tax. Pets are limited to cats, dogs or birds. You can only bring 2 cats or dogs or up to 10 fish. They need to be accompanying you during your trip into Turkey.

The necessary documents are:

  • A health certificate from the vet (issued 10 days prior to the trip)
  • Rabies and other vaccination certificate
  • Pet ID Card 

Your pet is also required to go through a brief inspection by authorized veterinary personnel at the port of entry upon arrival.

Pet Care and Supplies in Turkey

It’s very easy to find quality pet care and supplies, especially in big cities. There are many pet shops and vets, who even have delivery and care-at-home services.