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Istanbul’s Best Shopping Centers For Children

When it comes to clothes shopping, Turkey is one of the best places in the world. It has the 2nd biggest textile industry in Europe and relatively cheaper prices compared to Europe. Children’s clothing is one of the major driving forces behind the industry. Istanbul Kids Fashion Fair is organized twice every year, in January and June, attracting more and more retailers and business owners to invest in Istanbul. More than 300 foreign and local brands present their healthy and colorful products to an increasing number of buyers. But you will also enjoy shopping for your kids even if you do not visit Istanbul during this fair. There are many shopping centers, malls and outlets you can visit with your little ones. Many of these centers also provide fun activities for your kids. Here are the best destinations that will turn shopping time into quality time with your children. Enjoy!

Airport Shopping Center, Bakırköy

Airport Shopping Center, Bakırköy Istanbul Turkey

You will find many popular kids brands like Bücürük and Kifidis at the Airport Shopping Center in Bakırköy. The activity area designed for children is the biggest activity park in Turkey. There is even an ice rink, if you and your kids are curious about ice-skating. Bakırköy is one of the biggest districts of Istanbul and Atatürk International Airport is just 3km away. Bakırköy is both a central area for business and investment, and one of the biggest residential areas in the city. Therefore, it is always busy. As luxury apartments rise next to the old architecture of this once-suburban district, Bakırköy is transforming into a hub of luxury investment, residencies and business centers. While you’re visiting Bakırköy, keep in mind that Carousel and Capacity Shopping Centers are also the other options for a fun day of shopping.

Akmerkez, Levent

Akmerkez, Levent Istanbul Turkey

Akmerkez has an activity area to entertain children and several brands like Bebe, Chicco, Joker and Mothercare to shop. There is also a room for breast-feeding. It is located in a very central zone and it is very easy to reach by metro from Taksim. It is also very close to Ulus, the famous neighbourhood for high-end real estate in Istanbul and luxury apartments. You can also visit Ulus Park after your visit to Akmerkez, and enjoy gorgeous views of the Bosphorus, while sipping tea. 

Capitol Shopping Center, Altunizade

Capitol Shopping Center, Altunizade Istanbul Turkey

Besides clothing brands like Bücürük, Chicco and Benetton, there are also two famous toys shops, Toyzz Shop and Tayga Toys at this famous mall on the Asian side. Capitol also offers a game park for kids older than 4 years. There is a room for breast-feeding as well. Altunizade is the one the most developed and highly valued zones of Üsküdar. Its proximity to the first bridge makes it an in-demand zone for Turkish properties as well as a busy one, due to bridge traffic in the morning and evening rush hours. Plan your visit outside of these hours to enjoy a calm shopping atmosphere.

Cevahir Shopping Center, Şişli

Cevahir Shopping Center, Şişli Istanbul Turkey

Cevahir is home to one of the biggest fun parks named Atlantis and also to famous kids brands like LC Waikiki, Nubebe, Wenice Kids and B&G Store. There is also a figure skating rink and a bowling hall. You can even leave your child in the safe and expert hands of Neşe Erberk Joyfull House, if you want to continue your personal shopping while your kids play and have fun. Located in the central zone of Şişli, very close to Mecidiyeköy, it is just two stops away by metro from Taksim. This zone is a central business area and a heaven for newly constructed residences and luxury flats. Visit Cevahir, if you have only one day for shopping. 

İstinye Park, Sarıyer

İstinye Park, Sarıyer Istanbul Turkey

You will find a wide range of brands at Istinyepark, one of the most popular shopping centers on the European side. Your kid will enjoy the Fun Time activity complex, while you continue shopping from popular brands like Bebe, GAP kids and Mothercare. Located in one of the most prestigious zones of Sarıyer, it is also home to residencies and luxury properties. Since there are many people visiting İstinyepark during the weekends, spare a day during the week for a much comfortable shopping experience.

Optimum Shopping Center, Kadıköy

Optimum Shopping Center, Kadıköy Istanbul Turkey

If you are visiting Kadıköy, Optimum is the right place to go shopping offering a fun park for your kid and popular brands like Panço, Wenice Kids and Kanz. The figure skating rink on the Anatolian side is also located inside. Kadıköy is also home to many bazaars, cafes, bookstores and gorgeous Istanbul properties with amazing Bosphorus and Marmara Sea views.