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Discover Istanbul Province by Province: Ataşehir

Twenty years ago, nobody would have expected Ataşehir to become one of the most upscale zones of the city. It used to be a suburban area on the Anatolian side, a place that people were unwilling to visit due to its distance from the city center. Then, it was transformed into a satellite town project and became the new zone for financial and luxury investment. The construction of the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, which connects this area to the city center, made it irresistibly attractive. It is one of the most preferred areas, especially by those looking to invest in Istanbul, thanks to its well-designed settlement plan, earthquake-resistant architecture and its proximity to the newly built business and financial centers. Similar to the other satellite towns, it includes everything from schools and hospitals to shopping malls, restaurants and cafés, being a hub for the inhabitants who prefer to live in a compact environment. 

The municipality was founded in 2008, due to the increasing necessity for a separate government of this hastily growing area and several districts from Kadıköy, Üsküdar and Ümraniye were also included within its jurisdiction. As rapid transformation continued, West Ataşehir was also established for better management of the districts on a micro level. There are several ongoing constructions and a big Financial Center is being built, which aims to be the biggest international finance center of the region. Many Istanbul villas are also built for those who want to enjoy the comfort of the luxury houses in a safe zone.

İçerenköy, which used to be a part of Kadıköy, full of gardens and cultivated areas, is nowadays one of the most trending zones of Ataşehir due to recent modernization and development. Since its soil structure is very suitable for construction, the contractors take the opportunity to build Istanbul properties with no zoning limitations. Beside five-star hotels and the Swiss hospital, the biggest shopping mall of the region, Carrefour is also located here, on D-100 autobahn.

Istanbul palladium shopping mall

Palladium Mall is one of the beautiful malls in Ataşehir with many branded shops and elegant restaurants. There are also several activities from exhibitions to concerts and workshops for the children. The area around Palladium is very popular among those who are looking for luxury flats.
The province continues to transform the market and the preferences of the buyers who want to make property investment in Istanbul.