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Discover Istanbul Province by Province: Kağıthane

Kağıthane is one of the oldest and most central districts of Istanbul on the European side, located on the hills of a river, which used to flow towards Golden Horn. Its beautiful gardens, cute colorful wooden houses, tulip fields and spring festivals of the Tulip Age were even mentioned in several novels. It used to be called Sadabad, one of the favorite places of the Ottoman Sultans for summer retreats and hunting. Unfortunately, all of the historical buildings were destroyed during rebellious uprisings and wars. During the early years of the Turkish Republic, the area was transformed into an industrial zone, where paper factories where established and the province was named as Kağıthane (paper house).  It became densely populated due to the domestic immigration wave after the 60’s. It was home to working class and lower-middle class residents until it was transformed into a modern urban center attracting upper-middle class residents to its luxury flats and sophisticated residential projects.

Kağıthane is deemed the new “Central Business Area“ of Istanbul and many companies and entrepreneurs, who are investing in Istanbul, are flocking to the region. Many companies have moved their headquarters to this area, due to its proximity to other luxurious business districts. Gültepe is the closest district neighboring the famous skyscrapers of Levent, such as Tekfen Tower, İş Bank Towers, and Sabancı Center as well as big shopping malls like Kanyon and Metrocity.  The district, which was developed in an unorganized way with squatter houses and unplanned urbanization, is now facing rapid change due to the urban transformation project ongoing in all major provinces of Istanbul. The old structures are replaced by luxury homes and building complexes. Its liveliest street, known as Talatpaşa Street, is usually crowded and a popular choice for those, who want to rent or buy real estate in Istanbul.

Çağlayan, which is located at the intersection of major motorways, is one of the busiest districts of Istanbul. Its proximity to Şişli and Mecidiyeköy is the main cause for its dense population. The biggest courthouse in Europe, Çağlayan Justice Palace is built in 2012 in Çağlayan Avenue, where there is also a green park offering several activities. 

Çeliktepe is one of the developing districts in the province. The construction of Turkey’s tallest tower, Sapphire Tower has increased the market value of this zone. These days, people, who are looking for Istanbul properties that are both affordable and close to the main highways and bridge connections, prefer the area.

Kağıthane is on its way to become one of the most developed business and residential centers of the city. The local and international real estate investment rushing to the area is the harbinger of new business opportunities as well as increasing possibilities for luxury investment.