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Discover Istanbul Province by Province: Bagcilar

Bagcilar has the highest population density among all of Istanbul's provinces. This is mostly due to domestic migration, especially from Eastern Turkey. Spread across a 22km2 area with 22 neighborhoods, it is the largest of Istanbul's provinces. Located strategically close to both E-80 and D-100 highways, the province is also quite accessible via subway, light rail and bus. With over 700.000 residents, it's no wonder that Bagcilar takes a fair share of the property investment Istanbul has seen lately.

Unlike most of Istanbul's provinces, Bagcilar has little to offer in terms of historical artifacts. There are a couple of old fountains and aqueducts, but that's about it. However, what Bagcilar lacks in history, it makes up for in developed social, educational, economical and cultural assets. With 1/5th of its population still in school age, Bağcılar boasts 75 educational institutes. There are over 100 public and private health centers, 133 parks, libraries, social and cultural centers open to the general public. Even these numbers alone are enough to explain the popularity of the province among those who buy Real estate to invest in Istanbul. Istanbul real estate prices in the area are also relatively more affordable. The municipality has established several walking trails, an animal shelter, a closed market area, information centers and nostalgic gardens.

Economically, the province is thriving thanks to it being the heart of textile and media industries in the city. ISTOÇ, Tekstilkent, MASSIT and OTO CENTER are famous trade and commerce centters that liven up the province's economy. Many big media companies also have their corpoorate headquearters here. These have contributed to the rising number of residential projects in Bagcilar. From luxury houses to Istanbul apartments for sale, there are many projectts to choose from if you're planning to buy Turkish propertyin the area.

In 2018, when the Bakırkoy-Kirazlı subway line is completed, it will connect Bagcilar to the Bakırkoy coast. The coastal access will surely benefit this land-locked province, enabling total integration with Istanbul's public transportation network. This, in return, will doubtless pull in many more local and international real estate developers to the area.