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Best Places to Drink Coffee in Istanbul

There is a new generation of coffee makers who pick the seeds of the coffee they serve individually and with great care.  Most of them roast their seed on site. Thanks to the emergence of this generation, lots of coffee shops are opened, especially in Istanbul. Cihangir, Moda, Karaköy and Beşiktaş have lots of these independent coffee shops. Their style, coffees and interesting designs make them different as they stand out from the crowd.     

Gravite Coffee & Bar

Gravite Coffee, Nişantaşı, Turkey

Gravite has really qualified coffee which makes it the forefront in the eating-drinking sector. Hailing from Brighton, UK, with its fresh coffee, Gravite crew’s goal is gathering people from different sectors to enjoy great coffee. They provide a great coffee culture in keeping with their motto " Good Coffee & Nice Food. Their first substation is in Nişantaşı where you can find luxury apartments. You should try orange mosaic cake with your filter coffee, you won’t regret it. 

İstisna Tatlar 

İstasna Tatlar, Moda, Istanbul

This place is in Moda Street where you can buy Turkish property. They have unique flavors in their menu. Especially, you will admire the Turkish coffee with wild strawberries and mandarin. The flavors you will taste will certainly make you smile. The ambiance is sincere, kind and pleasant here. You will want to go that place constantly. You should certainly go to Kadıköy and try this place.

Şairler Kahvesi 

Şairler Kahvesi, Beşiktaş, Istanbul, Turkey

Şairler Kahvesi is in one of the quitest places of Beşiktaş: a good place to find luxury apartments. It is on the Vişnezade street and opposite from Şaireler Kahvesi. With its peaceful environment, Şairler Kahvesi will instantly calm you down from the hustle and bustle of Istanbul streets. They make great food besides coffee as well. Its decor is one of the best in Istanbul. This place is quiet admirable and you should go and see that place both for tasting and investing in Istanbul.