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Istanbul Toy Museum: You are gonna love it!

 Istanbul Toy Museum, Turkey

Toys are the most important part of children development in many aspects. Thus, each one of them plays different role in this process and it is valid for all cultures. Probably most of us have been in a museum before but this one is really different. Located in the Kadıköy district of Istanbul, Toy Museum has been serving its visitors for 10 years. 
 Toy Museum was founded by Sunay Akın, who is a Turkish poet, writer, and novelist, in 2005. Opening was same day with a national holiday of Turkey (The National Soverignity and Children’s Day) and this case also emphasizes importance of the idea underlying the museum.
This museum includes a variety kinds of toys and miniatures in it (approximately 4000) both from Turkey and from abroad. Some of them date back centuries ago from the reigns of Ottoman sovereigns (1820). 
Sunay Akın, founder of the museum, explains the aim of this museum as giving visitors inspiration. Besides, there are certain examples showing the diversity of the toys: the Disney collection, the World War collection, figures of American presidents, and a toy produced by famous toy producer Ernst Paul Lehmann etc. 
From all of these aspects, Istanbul Toy museum plays very important role in development of culture and art in Turkey. Every day lots of visitors come to this historical house and enjoy how time goes by with these magnificent toys. These kinds of museums are an important for aspect of Turkish culture.