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Muğla is in the First Place for Foreigners

Muğla regional Turkish Real Estate consultants federations vice president Ercan stated that Muğla has become a place of real interest for real estate investment by foreigners. With its natural beauties and historical constructions, besides tourism, Muğla is in the first place for foreigners preferances for luxury investment. Turkey Real Estate Consultants Federation Vice President Ziya Ercan said "Muğla is one of the most interesting places for foreigners to invest and rent" in his statement to the Anatolian News Agency reporters. Ercan also stated that Muğla is one of the provinces to sell luxury real estate to the foreigners. He also said foreigner’s real estate investment can not be more than 10% of the province. English people started again to invest in luxury real estate, which they have sold before, lately due to the economical crisis in their country, Ercan claimed. 


Bodrum, Turkey

Bodrum Real Estate Association Secretary Erkan Deniz expressed that Russian and Gulf countries are the top foreign luxury real estate buyers in Bodrum. 
Deniz states that Russians continue to invest in luxury real estate in Bodrum, saying "In 2014, 1051 foreigners bought Turkish real estate in Muğla and 215 of it is Russian people. In 2015, 849 foreigners bought luxury real estate in Muğla and 201 of it is Russian". Deniz emphasized that the tension between two countries did not affect the Russian businessmen. "Bodrum is a good place to invest luxury propoerty for foreigners, as all of the world follows Bodrum closely" he added.
"My friend who has a real estate job in Spain says they can not sell a real estate for 250 thousand euro which we selll here for 500 thousand euro. Bodrum is a better brand than Spain, foreigners still love Bodrum’ he said. ‘World stars and businessmen continue to rent luxury real estates’   
Deniz tells some of the entertainment centers have a great deal of effect in presenting Bodrum. He also said that the English Crown Prince recently rented a luxury real estate for 450 thousand pound per week. Foreign businessman and stars generally rent a luxury real state with security guard, driver, maid and chef. Tom Hanks, Tina Turner, Camilla Parker are some of the regular costumers of Bodrum. Last year Naomi Campbell visited Yalıkavak Palmarina. Celebrities generally want luxury villas from Yalıkayak. Trust is the most effective reason for foreigners to prefer here. They always prefer Bodrum Turkey when they feel safe.