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Invest in Istanbul

Invest in Istanbul for the Students of the Future

Istanbul is constantly evolving, offering its inhabitants the opportunity to grow with it. An increasing section of Istanbul life is students. Domestic and foreign students are on the increase, in the 2015/16 academic year there was 48,000 foreign students in Turkey. The Turkish Government is firmly behind this popularity and has set a target of 100,000 International students in Turkey by 2018. Ten universities from Turkey are featured in the 2015/16 QS World University Rankings® 2015/16, and are also featured in the QS University Rankings; EECA , Emerging Europe and Central Asia leading universities. An astute investor will realize this is the opportune time to invest in Istanbul

Invest in Istanbul and see a return for your money.

Invest in Istanbul

Many countries are encouraging their students to study abroad, offering scholarships and bursaries for them to do so, the reasoning behind this is that students get a broader view of life that comes along with the experience of being in another country, networking with other students, learning with and from them. Studies have shown that a global learning environment gives students more self-confidence and increases leadership and quantitative skills. The students themselves contribute to the countries they go to study in, bringing their expertise and culture to add to the education of themselves and others. Plus of course they add to the economy as consumers. Why do students choose Istanbul?

  • Long established universities with established reputations
  • Relatively inexpensive quality education
  • The cultural mix of the city
  • The social life and networking opportunities, establishing contacts and making bridges between countries that will be part of their political/economic futures.
  • Opportunities for skilled based professional work.

As the interest in studying in Istanbul continues to rise so to do the investment opportunities. Accommodations being one of the areas to consider, properties are required across the spectrum from cheap and cheerful to luxurious, rental to purchase. Now is the time to take the opportunity to invest in Istanbul and develop further opportunities for your investment portfolio. As more international businesses make Istanbul their hub that in itself becomes an added incentive that will attract more students, thereby attracting more businesses to invest in Istanbul, very complimentary system. International students bring in revenue, far more than they cost, encouraging a more stable economy. Great potential for access to a young, well trained workforce who are experienced in the global classroom and therefore far more able to slip into global marketing and relationships with other countries than students who have not been exposed to this change in culture and language.