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Dalaman is a province of Mugla, neighboring the provinces of Koycegiz, Ortaca and Fethiye. The Golgeli and the Boncuk Mountains cover its northern lands while the Dalaman Valley in the south feeds the whole region with its fertile lands. Dalaman River is at the intersection point of the Aegean and the Mediterrenean Regions with 229km length and is also a popular place for rafting. The population, which is nearly 40.000, benefits from the warm favorable climate and the natural resources, as tourism and agriculture are the main sources of income. The international Dalaman Airport, which is the biggest of the two international airports of Mugla, adds to the busyness of the province. The easy transportation and natural beauties make Dalaman one of the most popular places to visit. Sarigerme Beach is a beautiful blue flag beach, with a perfect blend of blue and green. Sarsila Bay is another natural retreat zone to discover, with a beach surrounded by pine trees. The popular neighboring districts of Dalyan and Koycegiz are also very easy to reach. Dalyan is a touristic destination famous for its Iztuzu Beach and Kaunos Antique City. Koycegiz is popular for its lake, fresh fishes and beautiful Ekincik Bay. 



Several antique cities around Dalaman display that the town has a long history dated back to the civilization of Caria in the 11th century B.C. Hippokome, which means “the city of the Horses“, is located in Cogment village and is home to six stone tombs as well as Roman and Byzantine architecture and coins. Octapolis is a popular Lycian ancient city located around the Elcik, Sabunlu and Kizilkaya villages. There are several other ancient sites to visit around, as the region is very rich in historic heritage. Serefler village, Kayadibi, Kavacik, Gurkoy and Bozbel villages are the most-well known places for their ancient artifacts and buildings.


The seaside of Dalaman is home to luxury houses and hotels. Sarigerme is the most popular place for luxury investment due to its natural beauty. It is also preferred for outdoor sports as Sarigerme is also a preferred scuba-diving region. The fifteen inland villages meanly deal with agriculture, which has an important share in the region’s economy. Moreover, many locals, who prefer to escape from the big cities, make property investment in Dalaman.

Dalaman - Rafting


  • Try rafting in Dalaman River.
  • Eat fresh fish at Sarıgerme restaurants.
  • Visit Koycegiz and Ekincik Bay. Eat gray mullet fish at Koycegiz.
  • Visit Iztuzu Beach in Dalyan, which is the breeding ground for caretta carettas..
  • Take a daily boat tour to discover the beaches in Kapidag Peninsula.
  • Take a hiking tour to discover the area.
  • Visit the ancient cities around.