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Kalkan is a well-preserved fishing town as well as a touristic resort of Kas. It is 30km away from the Fethiye-Kas highway, settled on the hills of the Taurus Mountains running down to the Mediterranean Sea. It is the only safe harbor around and a popular place to spend peaceful holidays. This small town has a population around 4000, with a significant portion of foreign expats. It became popular among foreigners, who have chosen to make property investment here, due to its warm climate and affordable properties. It has almost 300 sunny days in a year and the locals enjoy the sun in the backyard gardens of beautiful Kalkan properties lined in narrow streets. They are often covered in bougainvillea and have bay views. There are also several natural attractions to visit around. Kaputas Beach is the most popular place to visit. It is between Kalkan and Kas and has a turquoise sea with a beach next to a canyon. Patara Beach is mostly preferred by history and beach lovers. It is an antique Lycian historical site on the Fethiye-Kalkan road, with an18km long beach. Guvercinlik Cave, Inbas Cave and Blue Cave are the other nearby popular places to visit. 

Kalkan, Antalya, Turkey


Kalkan was a part of ancient Lycia, founded in 3000 B.C, along with the other districts towards Antalya. This Lycian harbor was also a safe hiding place for the pirates. It was a zone of wars, until it was taken over by the Ottomans. It was a Greek Ottoman fishing town called Kalamaki until the 1920s, therefore its architecture is a perfect blend of Greek and Ottoman styles. Although there is not a historical site in the town, there are a lot of sites to visit around from Xanthos, the Lycian capital in Kinik to Antiphellos, an antique city in Kas.

Kalkan, Antalya, Turkey


Many of its historical properties are converted to five star hotels and luxury resorts due to the increased demand in the last twenty years. Although several luxury investments are made into the area, the natural protection of the town by the sea and mountains left it unspoiled. Islamlar Village, which is very close to Kalkan, is popular for nature tourism, agricultural production and luxury villas. 


  • Take a daily boat tour and discover the nearby beaches, don’t miss Firnaz Beach.
  • Take daily tours to Patara and Xanthos.
  • Visit Islamlar Village and spend a day in nature.
  • Try watersports like scuba diving or jet-skiing.