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Kemer is one of the most famous and populated touristic destinations of Antalya. It is 40 km away from the city center and is home to many all inclusive hotels and luxury resorts. Its 52km long natural beach, the green forests that are spread over the hills of the Taurus Mountains and its historical sites make it even more attractive. Until the 80’s, it was a small village that could only be reached by boat, however thanks to its rapid transformation, it is now a touristic arena with international recognition. Most of the local population, which is more than 40.000, prefers to spend their summers on the cool highlands of the town to escape hot summer days. Green Highland (Sogut Cumasi) is a popular area and it is also home to oil wrestling championships. The local and foreign tourists, who prefer to enjoy the warm waters, spend time on Ayisigi Beach near the blue flag Park Marina and the Municipality Beach in the center. There are a lot of opportunities for water sports, scuba diving and safari, as sports tourism has an important share in the economy of the area. 

Kemer, Antalya, Turkey


The history of the town goes back to the 690 B.C, when the ancient Greek city of Phaselis was founded by Oleios I. Being an important port and a commercial zone throughout history, this ancient city changed several hands until it was captured by the Turks in the 12th century. It was not until the 19th century that the province became a preferred residential area, where many immigrants came to settle. Gedelma Castle is an important Roman historical site. Olympos Bey Mountains National Park is home to Mount Chimera and Yanartas, which pull in many visitors for their importance in Greek mythology and the constantly burning fire, a result of underground gas. 

Kemer, Antalya, Turkey


The districts of Kemer are as popular as the town center. All of them are surrounded with pine trees stretching from the Taurus Mountains towards the blue Mediterranean Sea. The unspoiled natural beauty of the region attracts many people either for vacation or property investment in Kemer. Beldibi is famous with its beautiful sea, nice boutique and luxury hotels and the Beldibi Cave, which is a historical cave displaying the artifacts belonging to ancient ages. Daily boat tours are also popular here. Goynuk has a blue flag beach and several natural attractions. Goynuk River is visited by rafting lovers, while Goynuk canyon and the valley welcomes trekking groups. It is the second most populated town in the region after Kemer center. Kiris is a small, humble and gorgeous touristic village, while Camyuva is famous for its luxury resorts and five star hotels. Many contractors chose it for real estate investment in Kemer during the 80’s. Tekirova is surrounded by three mountains, Tahtali Mountain being the biggest. The cableway to Tahtalı Mountain is one of the longest in the world. Moreover, the beach of Tekirova is also recognized as a blue flag shore. Tekirova center is home to luxury real estate and hotels while there are several boutique hotels and camping zones in the vicinity. Cirali is located in the Olympos Bey Mountains Coast National Park and is a village of Ulupinar. Its beach is home to many sea turtles, which give birth in spring and summer. During this season, the visitors are advised to behave carefully not to create any interruption to the hatching process of the turtles. The Ulupinar region is a protected area. Therefore, big construction projects cannot be held here. Instead, those, who want to spend a peaceful vacation in a small and charming boutique hotel, prefer this place. The Olympos River divides the southern part of Cirali beach and the region behind this river is called Olympos, which is also a protected zone and a highly popular spot for camping lovers and backpackers. Adrasan is another protected village, popular for its beautiful beach, calm environment and scuba-diving options.

Kemer, Antalya, Turkey


  • Visit Phaselis ancient city and Beldibi Cave.
  • Take a trekking tour in the Lycia way.
  • Eat fish in Ulupinar, where the restaurants are founded in the middle of nature serving fresh fish.
  • Take the cableway to the Tahtali Mountain.
  • Take a daily boat trip.
  • Try scuba diving and other water sports.
  • Hike or walk to Yanartas.
  • Take a safari tour in Kemer or Kiris.