Turkish Property Port

The Benefits of Using a Solicitor

Buying a new property is serious business and an important investment. Doing so in another country, where you may not even know the language, is something else altogether. There are many risks involved with your new venture, as laws, regulations and market conditions will take some time to getting used to. Therefore, in order to complete your property purchase smoothly and without any hassle, we strongly recommend using a solicitor to finalize the deal. 

The average cost of a solicitor will maybe run you around $1000, but the benefits far outweigh this small amount. Granting full power of attorney to a solicitor will not only save you a lot of time and money, but also allow your property transaction to run as smoothly as possible, even if you cannot be present in Turkey during the process. We can help you in finding the most-experienced solicitors, who can make sure that your title is clean and risk-free, while protecting your rights against any type of fraud. The solicitor can sort out all the contractual details and save you time, while handling the formalities with title deed registration. Since as a foreigner you will need military clearance with respect to the zone of your property, a solicitor will help you get that clearance as well.